The Hard Truth about Soft Skills in Game Development

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This article explores the value and measurable effects of hard and soft skills in academia when teaching and developing abilities for the game industry. As we discuss, each individuals engagement with the subject directly impacts their performance; which is influenced by their 'soft' skill level. Students that succeed in mastering soft skills earlier on typically have a greater understanding and satisfaction of the subject (able to see the underlying heterogeneous nature of the material). As soft and hard skill don't just help individuals achieve their goals (qualifications), they also change their mindset. While it is important to master both hard and soft skills, often when we talk about the quality of education (for game development); the measure is more towards quantitative measures and assessments (which don't always sit well with soft skills). As it is easy to forget, in this digital age, that 'people' are at the heart of video game development. Not just about 'code' and 'technologies'. There exists a complex relationship between hard and soft skills and their dual importance is crucial if graduates are to succeed in the game industry.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 1 May 2022


  • Computer Science - Graphics
  • Computer Science - Human-Computer Interaction


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