The geochemistry of oceanic crust at the onset of rifting in the Indian Ocean

J. N. Ludden, B. Dionne

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Indian Ocean crust formed at Sites 765 and 766 is geochemically comparable to that presently forming in the Red Sea. In both cases, the crust reflects high degrees of mantle melting associated with an enhanced thermal gradient below recently rifted continental lithosphere. Asthenospheric melts formed in this environment are rich in CaO and FeO, poor in Na2O and Al2O3, and characterized by depleted rare earth element profiles. Both the Red Sea basalts and the basalts at Sites 765 and 766 are distinct from those erupted at the present Mid-Indian Ocean Ridge. The isotopic characteristics of the Site 765 basalts define a geochemical signature similar to that of the present-day Mid-Indian Ocean Ridge basalts. The Indian Ocean mantle domain is distinct from that of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and this distinction has persisted since Jurassic time, when the Site 765 oceanic crust was formed. -from Authors

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Title of host publicationArgo Abyssal Plain/Exmouth Plateau sites 765-766
PublisherTexas A&M University
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Publication statusPublished - Aug 1992

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