Stratospheric warming observed by nimbus 4

J. J. Barnett, R. S. Harwood, J. T. Houghton, C. G. Morgan, C. D. Rodgers, E. J. Williamson, G. Peckham, S. D. Smith

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AN important feature of the winter stratosphere near the poles is the occurrence of "sudden warmings" where the temperature over a small area may rise by as much as 50 K in a few days, accompanied by a major change in circulation. Observation of these events, dependent on meteorological rocket and radiosonde ascents, has been hampered by the sparsity of data. Here we present data for a stratospheric warming obtained by the selective chopper radiometer on the Nimbus 4 satellite, which gives global coverage to considerably greater heights than has hitherto been possible. © 1971 Nature Publishing Group.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)47-48
Number of pages2
Issue number5288
Publication statusPublished - 1971


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