"Spontaneous" Ambient Temperature Dehydrocoupling of Aromatic Amine-Boranes

Holger Helten, Alasdair P. M. Robertson, Anne Staubitz, James R. Vance, Mairi F. Haddow, Ian Manners

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

36 Citations (Scopus)
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)4665-4680
JournalChemistry - A European Journal
Issue number15
Publication statusPublished - 10 Apr 2012


  • amine-borane dehydrogenation
  • amines
  • boranes
  • boron-nitrogen compounds
  • dehydrocoupling

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Helten, H., Robertson, A. P. M., Staubitz, A., Vance, J. R., Haddow, M. F., & Manners, I. (2012). "Spontaneous" Ambient Temperature Dehydrocoupling of Aromatic Amine-Boranes. Chemistry - A European Journal, 18(15), 4665-4680. https://doi.org/10.1002/chem.201103241