Recent advances in optical metasurfaces for polarization detection and engineered polarization profiles

Yuttana Intaravanne, Xianzhong Chen

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Like amplitude, phase and frequency, polarization is one of the fundamental properties of light, which can be used to record, process and store information. Optical metasurfaces are ultrathin inhomogeneous media with planar nanostructures that can manipulate the optical properties of light at the subwavelength scale, which have become a current subject of intense research due to the desirable control of light propagation. The unprecedent-ed capability of optical metasurfaces in the manipulation of the light’s polarization at subwavelength resolution has provided an unusual approach for polarization detection and arbitrary manipulation of polarization profiles. A compact metasurface platform has been demonstrated to detect polarization information of a light beam and to arbitrarily engineer a polarization profile that is very difficult or impossible to realize with conventional optical elements. This review will focus on the recent progress on ultrathin metasurface devices for polarization detection and realization of customized polarization profiles. Optical metasurfaces have provided new opportu-nities for polarization detection and manipulation, which can facilitate real-world deployment of polarization related devices and systems in various research fields, including sensing, imaging, encryption, optical commu-nications, quantum science, and fundamental physics.
Original languageEnglish
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Issue number5
Early online date17 Feb 2020
Publication statusPublished - 2020


  • geometric phase
  • optical metasurfaces
  • polarization detection
  • polarmetric imaging
  • vector beams polarization profile manipulation

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