Peak mean myocardial velocities and velocity gradients measured by color M-mode tissue Doppler imaging in healthy cats

H Koffas, J Dukes-McEwan, B M Corcoran, C M Moran, A French, V Sboros, T Anderson, P Smith, K Simpson, W N McDicken

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We sought to assess the feasibility of recording the myocardial velocity gradients (MVGs) and mean myocardial velocities (MMVs) measured by color M-mode tissue Doppler imaging (TDI) in the free wall of unsedated normal cats (n = 18) with a 7.4-MHz probe equipped to record TDI images. The peak MVG and MMV values during the different phases of the cardiac cycle corresponded to certain color velocity patterns occurring in the left ventricular free wall (LVFW). Biphasic shifts were recorded in the tracings of both the MVG and MMV during early diastole (E1 and E2) as well as during the isovolumic relaxation (IVR) and isovolumic contraction (IVC) phases. Stepwise regression analysis showed that age was the only significant predictor for the peak MVG values during the 2nd phase of early diastole (E2) (r = -0.79, r(2) = 0.63, and P <.001). The peak late diastolic MVG values were associated positively with age (r = 0.50, r(2) = 0.25, and P <.05). The peak MMV values showed a negative association with age during E2 (r = -0.71, r(2) = 0.50, and P <.001) as well as during early systole (Se) (r = -0.55, r(2) = 0.30, and P <.05) and late systole (Sl) (r = -0.62, r(2) = 0.39, and P <.01). A positive association was found between age and the peak MMV values during late diastole (r = 0.54, r(2) = 0.29, and P <.05). The MVG values showed cyclic variations consistent with wall thickness changes. The accuracy of velocity determination and the spatial resolution of the system used were validated with a phantom. To our knowledge, this study is the 1st report of the application of this technique to the myocardium of cats, providing insights into the physiology of myocardial motion. It provides reference ranges of the peak MVG and MMV values for future studies of feline myocardial diseases.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)510-524
Number of pages15
JournalJournal of Veterinary Internal Medicine
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2003


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