Parataenidium, a new Taenidium-like ichnogenus from the Carboniferous of Ireland

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    The new ichnogenus Parataenidium is erected for back-filled tubular trace fossils that can appear superficially similar to Taenidium, but are divided horizontally into two distinct levels. Two ichnospecies are recognised: Parataenidium mullaghmorensis isp. nov. and Parataenidium moniliformis (Tate 1859). The latter ichnospecies is transferred from Eione Tate 1859, which is a junior homonym of Eione Rafinesque 1814, and therefore unavailable for Tate's ichnotaxon. The ichnogenus is an important component of late Paleozoic shallow-water siliciclastic sediments, and can be considered as a "guide" indicator for the Carboniferous.

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    Publication statusPublished - 2001


    • Carboniferous
    • Eione
    • Ireland
    • Parataenidium
    • Shallow-water
    • Trace fossil


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