Optimizing foraging behaviour through learning

Roger N. Hughes, M. J. Kaiser, P. A. Mackney, K. Warburton

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Manifestation of life‐history strategy is through the allocation of resources acquired by foraging. Foraging efficiency can be improved by learning, as fishes adjust their behaviour to changing circumstances. We briefly review the influence of learning on the foraging behaviour of fishes and make recommendations for further research. We stress the importance of quantifying learning and memory in relation to ontogeny and life history.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)77-91
Number of pages15
JournalJournal of Fish Biology
Issue numbersB
Publication statusPublished - Dec 1992


  • Foraging behaviour
  • learning
  • memory

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  • Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics
  • Aquatic Science


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