Optimization of commercial coatings for technical textiles

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Careful selection of the coating and base combination is an important criteria in the coating process because the coated fabric consists of a minimum of two layers, each with different properties and characteristics. Commercial coatings are often applied in order to improve selected properties and performance of a textile base, especially for technical or functional applications. The textile industry encounters various types of problems with commercial coatings, such as the presence of air bubbles or air trapped between the coating and the substrate, which seriously affects the quality of the material. The paste characteristics and process parameters are the most significant factors affecting the coating's quality. As a part of coating research performed at Research Institute for Flexible Materials (IRFleX), a new porous coating production method has shown positive results in developing well-controlled pore cavity populations to be used as payload delivery mechanisms. The method is based on microphase separation of hydrophilic and hydrophobic polymers dissolved in a common solvent. An on-line process control interface has also been developed, which is based on the studies of effects of machine parameters on coating fabric quality, whereby visual defects can be identified and measures automatically taken to adjust the coating conditions.

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