Open ended microwave oven for packaging

K. I. Sinclair, T. Tilford, M. Y P Desmulliez, G. Goussetis, C. Bailey, K. Parrott, A. J. Sangster

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A novel open waveguide cavity resonator is presented for the combined variable frequency microwave curing of bumps, underfills and encapsulants, as well as the alignment of devices for fast flip-chip assembly, direct chip attach (DCA) or wafer-scale level packaging (WSLP). This technology achieves radio frequency (RF) curing of adhesives used in microelectronics, optoelectronics and medical devices with potential simultaneous micron-scale alignment accuracy and bonding of devices. In principle, the open oven cavity can be fitted directly onto a flip-chip or wafer scale bonder and, as such, will allow for the bonding of devices through localised heating thus reducing the risk to thermally sensitive devices. Variable frequency microwave (VFM) heating and curing of an idealised polymer load is numerically simulated using a multi-physics approach. Electro-magnetic fields within a novel open ended microwave oven developed for use in micro-electronics manufacturing applications are solved using a dedicated Yee scheme finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) solver. Temperature distribution, degree of cure and thermal stresses are analysed using an Unstructured Finite Volume method (UFVM) multi-physics package. The polymer load was meshed for thermophysical analysis, whilst the microwave cavity - encompassing the polymer load - was meshed for microwave irradiation. The two solution domains are linked using a cross-mapping routine. The principle of heating using the evanescent fringing fields within the open-end of the cavity is demonstrated. A closed loop feedback routine is established allowing the temperature within a lossy sample to be controlled. A distribution of the temperature within the lossy sample is obtained by using a thermal imaging camera. ©EDA Publishing/DTIP 2008.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationDTIP of MEMS and MOEMS - Symposium on Design, Test, Integration and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS
Number of pages5
Publication statusPublished - 2008
EventDTIP of MEMS and MOEMS - Symposium on Design, Test, Integration and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS - Nice, France
Duration: 9 Apr 200811 Apr 2008


ConferenceDTIP of MEMS and MOEMS - Symposium on Design, Test, Integration and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS


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