On the Suitability of Vibration Acceptance Criteria of Process Pipework

Omar Tawfik Shady, Jamil Renno, M. Shadi Mohamed, Sadok Sassi, Asan Muthalif

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The risk of vibration-induced fatigue in process pipework is usually assessed through vibration measurements. For small-bore pipework, integrity personnel would measure the vibration of the pipework and refer to widely used charts to quantify the risk of vibration-induced fatigue. If the vibration levels are classified as OK, no action is required on behalf of the operators. However, if it is a CONCERN or PROBLEM vibration level, strain measurements are required to adequately quantify the risk through a fatigue life assessment. In this paper, we examine the suitability of a widely used vibration acceptance criteria through finite element models. A total of 4,800 models are used to study the suitability of this vibration acceptance criteria by monitoring both the vibration and dynamic stress. The model comprises a small-bore pipe (2″ SCH 40) that is fitted on a mainline size 5″ SCH 40 using a weldolet; the length of the mainline takes three values resulting in three models. The mainline supporting conditions will be varied using translational and rotational springs. The finite element models will be excited using a point load resembling flow-induced forces (with varying flow velocity and fluid composition). These excitations are obtained from the literature and are based on experimental studies as power spectral density functions. The results show that the studied vibration acceptance criterion is suitable in 99.73% of all the studied models with 68.27% confidence level. For the models with a shorter mainline pipe, the criterial is suitable in 76.5% of the time with 68.27% confidence level.

Original languageEnglish
Article number2168818
JournalAdvances in Materials Science and Engineering
Publication statusPublished - 5 Jan 2022

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