Observation of localized ground and excited orbitals in graphene photonic ribbons

Camilo Cantillano, Sebabrata Mukherjee, Luis Morales-Inostroza , Bastian Real, Gabriel Cáceres, Carla Hermann, Robert R. Thomson, Rodrigo A. Vicencio

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We report on the experimental realization of a quasi-one-dimensional photonic graphene ribbon supporting four flat-bands. We study the dynamics of fundamental and dipolar modes, which are analogous to the s and p orbitals, respectively. In the experiment, both modes (orbitals) are effectively decoupled from each other, implying two sets of six bands, where two of them are completely flat (dispersionless). Using an image generator setup, we excite the s and p flat-band modes and demonstrate their non-diffracting propagation for the first time. Our results open an exciting route towards photonic emulation of higher orbital dynamics.
Original languageEnglish
Article number033028
JournalNew Journal of Physics
Early online date6 Mar 2018
Publication statusPublished - 29 Mar 2018


  • Waveguide lattices
  • Periodic structures
  • Flat-bands
  • Orbital excitation


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