Novel SMART Textiles

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The sensing/adapting/responding, multifunctionality, low energy, small size and weight, ease of forming, and low-cost attributes of SMART textiles and their multidisciplinary scope offer numerous end uses in medical, sports and fitness, military, fashion, automotive, aerospace, built environment, and energy industries. The research and development for these new and high-value materials crosses scientific boundaries, redefines material science design and engineering, and enhances quality of life and our environment. “Novel SMART Textiles” is a focused special issue that reports the latest research of this field and facilitates dissemination, networking, discussion, and debate.
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ISBN (Electronic)9783039285716
ISBN (Print)9783039285709
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2020


  • Smart textiles, textile sensors, e-textiles, visual brain, thermal textile pixels, stretchable electronics, conductive textiles, wearables, stitch-based sensors, biofunctional textiles, ECG, hybrid electrodes, motion tracking, carbon nanotextiles, composites, EMS textiles, textile collar cells, electrospun solar cells, embroidered e-textiles, targeted delivery, psychotextiles, energy harvesting, multifunctional.

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