Novel non-involutive solutions of the Yang-Baxter equation from (skew) braces

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We produce novel non-involutive solutions of the Yang-Baxter equation coming from (skew) braces. These solutions are generalisations of the known ones coming from the standard braces and skew braces, and surprisingly in the case of braces they are not necessarily involutive. In the case of two-sided (skew) braces one can assign such solutions to every element of the set. Novel bijective maps associated to the inverse solutions are also introduced. Moreover, we show that the recently derived Drinfeld twists of the involutive case are still admissible in the non-involutive frame and we identify the twisted r-matrices and twisted copoducts. We observe that as in the involutive case the underlying quantum algebra is not a quasi-triangular bialgebra, as one would expect, but a quasi-triangular quasi-bialgebra. The same applies to the quantum algebra of the twisted r-matrices, contrary to the involutive case.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 25 Apr 2022


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