Novedades y retos en la gestión de centros históricos de Europa, latinoamérica y el caribe (1980-2005)

Emilio Luque Azcona, Harry Smith

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    The issues involved in dealing with historic quarters started to be addressed as a particular and specific field within the context of conservation and restoration during the sixties and seventies. The debate about this subject has been enriched to date through contributions from different kinds of specialists and the appearance of new challenges that must be met. This article presents an overview of the achievements and pending issues related to the regeneration of historic quarters in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean since 1980. As a result, it can be concluded that in these three regions, although the contexts are different, the main challenge is still the transformation of these urban areas into spaces of culture and life in which cultural and social groups that are representative of their own societies may coexist. © Copyright Scripta Nova, 2007.

    Original languageSpanish
    JournalScripta Nova
    Publication statusPublished - 15 Dec 2007

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