Mississippi Fan Sedimentary Facies, Composition, and Texture

Dorrik A. V. Stow, Michel Cremer, Laurence Droz, William R. Normark, Suzanne O’Connell, Kevin T. Pickering, Charles E. Stelting, Audrey A. Meyer-wright

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Eight different sedimentary facies recognized in the Mississippi Fan sediments drilled during DSDP Leg 96 are defined on the basis of lithology, sedimentary structures, composition, and texture. Pelagic biogenic sediments are of minor importance volumetrically compared with the dominant resedimented terrigenous facies. Clays, muds, and silts are most abundant at all sites, with some sands and gravels within the mid-fan channel fill and an abundance of sand on the lower fanlobe. Facies distribution and vertical sequences reflect the importance of sediment type and supply in controlling fan development.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationSubmarine Fans and Related Turbidite Systems
EditorsArnold H. Bouma, William R. Normark, Neal E. Barnes
Place of PublicationNew York
Number of pages8
ISBN (Electronic)978-1-4612-5114-9
ISBN (Print)978-1-4612-9570-9
Publication statusPublished - 1985

Publication series

NameFrontiers in Sedimentary Geology
ISSN (Print)0939-6055


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