Measurement and management of competences by enterprise-social-networking

Alberto Sardi, Patrizia Garengo, Umit Sezer Bititci

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Literature describes the transformation process of employees’ individual competences into firm specific competences as a great challenge in the performance management and management field. Recently, to favour the transformation of competences, some companies have adopted enterprise social networking (ESN). However, not enough studies support the understanding of its role in performance management and measurement and scant attention is given to the inclusion of competences in a holistic performance measurement and management system (PMMS).To help close this gap, the research aims to develop knowledge on the role of ESN in measurement and management of competences to favour the development of a holistic PMMS.The research adopts a multiple case study methodology using a qualitative meta-analysis. It investigates 32 multinational companies by case studies available in the scientific literature.The results highlight the use of ESN as a relevant support for the development of a holistic PMMS based on a high maturity in performance measurement and a democratic and participative approach in performance management. ESN provides real-time data collection, analysis and reports that encourage a democratic and participative performance management. It facilitates relationships, knowledge sharing and favours a high maturity performance measurement.The paper provides implications for theory, practice and society. Firstly, the paper rationalizes the impact of ESN usage on performance measurement and management. Secondly, it offers new knowledge supporting practitioners in the development of holistic PMMS. Thirdly, it highlights that ESN favours people in self-expression of own capacity, sharing artwork and knowledge on specific topics.
Original languageEnglish
JournalInternational Journal of Productivity and Performance Management
Early online date17 Dec 2018
Publication statusE-pub ahead of print - 17 Dec 2018

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