Long wave absorption by a dual purpose Helmholtz resonance OWC breakwater

Xuanlie Zhao, Yang Li, Qingping Zou, Duanfeng Han, Jing Geng

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In this paper, a novel hybrid breakwater-WEC system consisting of a Helmholtz resonance oscillating water column (OWC) caisson array and a perforated wall is proposed to attenuate long waves. The principle of Helmholtz resonance OWC is analogous to the acoustic Helmholtz resonator for noise reduction. A semi-analytical model was developed based on potential flow theory using a matching eigenfunction method to investigate wave interaction with the OWC-breakwater system. The velocity singularity at the tip of the wall is resolved using the Galerkin method to improve the model convergence. The semi-analytical model of the present wave-air-structure interaction problem is verified using Haskind relation and energy conservation rule. Furthermore, we validate the model using numerical and experimental data in terms of wave reflection and wave power absorption. Hydrodynamic characteristics of the proposed hybrid breakwater-WEC system and the influence of key geometrical and wave parameters were investigated. Theoretical results indicate that long waves can be effectively absorbed by the OWC caisson through Helmholtz resonance for both normal and oblique waves. The resonance frequency of OWC varies with the chamber wall draft and chamber width in the along-shore direction. It was found that installing a perforated wall in front of the OWC array could broaden the frequency bandwidth of significant wave attenuation. The along-shore length of each OWC chamber (2l) and the incident wave angle (θ) are identified as the key parameters that affect the hydrodynamic performance of the system at high frequency range due to the along-shore sloshing of water column, but have a relatively minor effect on long wave attenuation. The present OWC-breakwater system demonstrates advantage and superior performance over conventional rubble mound breakwaters and breakwaters of multiple perforated walls in attenuating long waves. The findings of this paper provide guidance for a novel design of long wave absorbing breakwaters.

Original languageEnglish
Article number104203
JournalCoastal Engineering
Early online date29 Aug 2022
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2022


  • Helmholtz resonance
  • Hybrid OWC-Breakwater system
  • Long waves
  • Oblique waves
  • Oscillating water column
  • Perforated wall

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  • Ocean Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering


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