Linear and radial flow modelling of a waterflooded, stratified, non-communicating reservoir developed with downhole, flow control completions

Bona Prakasa, Khafiz Muradov, David Davies

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Forecasts of the performance of waterflooded oil-field have been prepared for many years using fractional flow models, such as those by (Buckley-Leverett, 1942) (BL), (Welge, 1952) and (Dykstra-Parsons, 1950) (DP), to estimate the vertical sweep efficiency between wells. These methods, and their later modifications, formed the theoretical basis for designing a water-flooded oil-field. Advanced Well Completions (AWC) incorporating downhole flow control device (FCD) technology have become a proven method for modifying a production well's inflow profile, delaying water breakthrough, improving sweep efficiency and enhancing recovery.

This manuscript extends the fractional flow model describing the performance of a waterflooded, stratified-reservoir with an AWC installed in the production well. The piston-like behaviour of the water-front described by previous, semi-analytical models is extended here to the linear and radial flow modelling of more realistic displacement profiles.

This paper describes the theoretical basis and application workflow along with several case studies illustrating their performance and value. The accuracy of the new, semi-analytical models are verified by comparison against the results from a numerical reservoir simulator. Model limitations and possible future extension are also discussed.

The workflow can be implemented as either a production forecast or a diagnostic tool for an AWC well in a waterflooded oil-field. It provides one missing link between today's AWC design workflows and the long-term value evaluation of a specific AWC design when a commercial numerical simulation software is either not available or too time consuming.
Original languageEnglish
Article number106340
JournalJournal of Petroleum Science and Engineering
Early online date12 Aug 2019
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2019


  • Autonomous inflow control device
  • Fractional flow
  • Inflow control device
  • Intelligent wells
  • Smart completion

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