Lean Construction in the UAE: Implementation of Last Planner System®

Osama Warid, Karima Hamani

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Question: Is there a possibility of applying the Last Planner System® in the UAE construction environment? Purpose: Investigating the success and failure factors of implementing the Last Planner System® (LPS®) in UAE construction projects. Research Methodology: The research was conducted through exploratory interviews with construction professionals and an explanatory case study in the UAE. Findings: LPS® implementation is applicable within the UAE construction market. The challenges on the level of operation can be addressed by using the concept of gradual change operations. Limitations: limited interview sample; use of a single case study; the implementation is newer in UAE. Implications: The procedure used within the case study will conform to the LPS® as a tool until it becomes an accepted concept. Value for authors: Enriches the efforts of studying the implementation of the LPS® within the Gulf area and the Middle East in general due to minimal research covering the LPS®. In addition, the approach used for implementing the LPS® is unique to the context studied.

Original languageEnglish
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JournalLean Construction Journal
Publication statusPublished - 2023


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