Internal Demarketing amongst organisations emerging from financial crises

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This chapter uses fresh qualitative data to explore experiences of Internal Demarketing (ID) within organisations which had suffered financial crises as a result of either macroenvironmental or microenvironmental factors. By considering how demarketing theory and extant Internal Marketing literature can inform a reconceptualization of ID, it analyses emerging themes which suggest at least a perception amongst employees that ID has been deployed with organisational intent. By focusing on two case studies drawn from a much larger project, and by using publicly available information on the organisations and participants’ contextualisations, it suggests that, on the balance of probability, ID is undertaken with organisational intent in at least some instances, and this is more likely amongst organisations seeking to emerge from financial crises. Moreover, constituent forms of ID are identified and their characteristics unpacked.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationFinancial crises
Subtitle of host publicationTypes, Causes and Consequences
EditorsShen Wei
PublisherNova Science Publishers
ISBN (Print)9781536185164
Publication statusPublished - 9 Oct 2020


  • internal demarketing
  • internal marketing
  • demarketing


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