Integrated Surveillance System for Decision-Making in Oil Production Scenarios

Jazael Ballina, Zakaria Hamdi*, Victor Hamdan

*Corresponding author for this work

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Numerous reservoir engineering, production engineering, and project management tasks require data to be selectively compiled, organized, cleaned and put in a database on a proper basis. In many oil companies, much of this data still resides on the older corporate mainframe systems often with inconsistent key field formats and clumsy sort options. In response to the advancement of the internet of things and data analytics, for the first time, this paper presents an innovative methodology to integrate operational data, production data, and surveillance information into a consistent database to use in conjunction with Oil Field Manager (OFM) Software from Schlumberger. The strategy of this approach is to provide technology, data management, rapid monitoring, and the use of a tool to work as a key decision-maker for future evaluations. The solution is delivered through a unified platform where daily operational datasheets with a big amount of data of surface and subsurface data will be organized, collected, cleaned, and processed to be transmitted to the main database and transferred to the main software for analysis.

Original languageEnglish
Article number020002
JournalAIP Conference Proceedings
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2 Nov 2023
Event1st International Conference on Sustainable Environment, Development, and Energy 2022 - Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia
Duration: 5 Dec 20226 Dec 2022

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