Indoor Wideband Directional Channel Measurements and Modelling

Chia-Chin Chong, Chor-Min Tan, David I. Laurenson, Stephen McLaughlin, Mark A. Beach, Andrew R. Nix

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaperpeer-review


This paper describes wideband directional channel measurements conducted at the 5.2 GHz carrier frequency in two different indoor scenarios. Based on the measurement results, a new statistical wideband indoor channel model which incorporates both the clustering of multipath components (MPCs) and the correlation between the spatial and temporal domains is proposed. MPC parameters are estimated using the super-resolution FD-SAGE algorithm and clusters are identified in the spatiotemporal domain by a non-parametric density estimation procedure. The description of the clustering observed within the channel relies on two classes of parameters, namely, inter- and intra-cluster parameters which characterise the cluster and MPC, respectively. All parameters are described by a set of empirical probability density functions (PDFs) derived from the measured data. The correlation properties are incorporated in two joint PDFs for cluster and MPC positions, respectively. Channel power density spectra are also derived and are shown to exhibit exponential and Laplacian functions in the delay and angular domains, respectively. The model is suitable for performance analysis of smart antenna and HIPERLAN/2 systems
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2002
Event1st COST 273 Workshop: Opportunities of the Multidimensional Propagation Channel - Helsinki, Finland
Duration: 28 May 200231 May 2002


Conference1st COST 273 Workshop


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