Image Processing Simulations for the BepiColombo Rotation Experiment

A. Palli, Alessandro Bevilacqua, Ludovico Carozza, A. Genova, Alessandro Gherardi, L. Iess, R. Meriggiola, P. Palumbo, P. Tortora, M. Zusi

Research output: Other contribution


One of the major objectives of the Radio Science Experiment hosted on-board the Mercury Planetary Orbiter of the ESA mission BepiColombo is the retrieval of Mercury's rotational state, fundamental to gather information on its interior. This consists in a system-level experiment envisaging the collaboration among different payloads. The experiment relies upon precise orbit reconstruction and observations of the same landmarks on the surface at different epochs enabling to infer the planet's obliquity and librations. Since the experiment is rather complex, the implementation of a global simulator is under development to identify optimal observation criteria. In particular, this abstract will focus on two modules of the simulator, one producing a surface map of possible image pairs and a tool for the generation of synthetic images aimed at the selection of optimal pattern matching strategies.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2011


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