Homotopy Double Copy of Noncommutative Gauge Theories

Richard J. Szabo, Guillaume Trojani

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We discuss the double-copy formulation of Moyal–Weyl-type noncommutative gauge theories from the homotopy algebraic perspective of factorisations of 𝐿-algebras. We define new noncommutative scalar field theories with rigid colour symmetries taking the role of the zeroth copy, where the deformed colour algebra plays the role of a kinematic algebra; some of these theories have a trivial classical limit but exhibit colour–kinematics duality, from which we construct the double copy theory explicitly. We show that noncommutative gauge theories exhibit a twisted form of colour–kinematics duality, which we use to show that their double copies match with the commutative case. We illustrate this explicitly for Chern–Simons theory, and for Yang–Mills theory where we obtain a modified Kawai–Lewellen–Tye relationship whose momentum kernel is linked to a binoncommutative biadjoint scalar theory. We reinterpret rank-one noncommutative gauge theories as double copy theories and discuss how our findings tie in with recent discussions of Moyal–Weyl deformations of self–dual Yang–Mills theory and gravity.
Original languageEnglish
Article number1543
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - 4 Aug 2023


  • colour-kinematics duality
  • double copy
  • homotopy algebras
  • noncommutative field theory

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