Homelessness in the UK: Problems and Solutions

Suzanne Fitzpatrick, Deborah Quilgars, Nicholas Pleace

    Research output: Book/ReportBook


    Homelessness is one of the most distressing and visible of social problems, and the treatment of homeless people is often viewed as emblematic of a society’s commitment to social justice. Homelessness has been central to successive Labour governments’ ‘social exclusion’ agendas since they first took office in 1997, with street homelessness in particular given a very high policy profile. While devolution since 1999 has brought about significant divergence in homelessness policies across the UK, its prominence in public policy debates is shared across all four UK jurisdictions.

    This book examines the contemporary nature of homelessness in the UK and responses to it, focusing on developments since 1997, but placing these in their broader historical context. It is research-based but policy-focused – emphasising those issues which are most relevant to housing students, policy-makers, and practitioners. It considers not only the ‘problems’ associated with homelessness, but also the ‘solutions’ that have been identified as effective means to prevent and/or address homelessness.

    Topics covered include:

    the social, economic and housing trends which frame contemporary homelessness in the UK
    family homelessness
    street homelessness
    youth homelessness
    homelessness amongst people from minority ethnic backgrounds, including eastern European migrants, asylum seekers and refugees
    the prevention-focused approach in England
    the rights-based agenda being pursued in Scotland
    current policy dilemmas in Wales
    whether devolution has made a difference in Northern Ireland
    how UK policies on homelessness compare with those of other OECD countries

    The book demonstrates the progress made in tackling many aspects of homelessness over the past decade, but also the work that remains to be done. It equips readers with a wide-ranging and up-to-date understanding of the nature of homelessness and policy interventions across the UK, as well as an analysis of the likely impact of the current economic downturn and other key developments which will impact on homelessness in the coming years.
    Original languageEnglish
    PublisherChartered Institute of Housing
    Number of pages190
    ISBN (Print)9781905018673
    Publication statusPublished - 2009


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