Holey fibre delivered radiation for laser curing and trimming of direct write components

T. Delmonte, S. Raja, J. McDonald, J. Sidhu, E. J. O'Driscoll, J. C. Flanagan, J. R. Hayes, M. N. Petrovich, V. Finazzi, F. Polletti, D. J. Richardson, D. P. Hand

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In this paper we demonstrate how Holey Fibre (HF) technology can positively impact the field of materials processing and fabrication, specifically Direct Write (DW). DW is the large scale, patterned deposition of functional materials onto both flat and conformal surfaces. Currently, DW techniques involve thermal post-processing whereby the entire structure is enclosed inside an oven, so limiting the DW technique to small, heat resistant surfaces. Selectively laser curing the ink would allow the ink to be brought up to the required temperature without heating the surrounding substrate material. In addition the ability to trim components would allow miniature circuits to be written and devices to be tuned by changing the capacitance or resistance. HF technology enables in-situ curing and trimming of direct write components using the same rig and length of fibre. HF's with mode areas in excess of 450um2 can be routinely fabricated allowing high power transmission whilst retaining the high beam quality of the radiation source. We will present results of curing and trimming trials which demonstrate that HF's provide a distinct advantage over standard multimode fibres by allowing both curing and machining to be achieved through a single delivery fibre.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationFemtosecond Phenomena and Nonlinear Optics III
Publication statusPublished - 2006
EventFemtosecond Phenomena and Nonlinear Optics III - Stockholm, Sweden
Duration: 11 Sep 200612 Sep 2006


ConferenceFemtosecond Phenomena and Nonlinear Optics III


  • Direct write
  • High power delivery
  • Holey fibre
  • Laser processing
  • Microstructured fibre


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