Ge-on-Si high efficiency SPADs at 1310 nm

Derek C. S. Dumas, Jarosław Kirdoda, Peter Vines, Kateryna Kuzmenko, Ross W. Millar, Gerald S. Buller, Douglas J. Paul

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Ge on Si SPAD devices hold promise for cost effective use in vehicular LIDAR [1], quantum optics, quantum communications, and other applications. Previous Ge on SI SPAD devices using mesa structures have shown high dark count rate (DCR) and low single photon detection efficiency (SPDE) [2]. The novel planar device design demonstrated here shows low DCR and high SPDE at short-wave infrared wavelengths. The novel design allows better performance by confining the high field regions using an implanted charge sheet and small top contact region. This design removes the interaction between etched sidewalls and high electric fields seen in mesa devices. We have fabricated devices with a 100 µm diameter charge sheet and a 90 µm diameter top contact. TCSPC measurements were taken at 78 K, 100 K, 125 K, using 1310 nm light with ≪ 1 photon per pulse on average and 50 ns gate times (Fig. 1). A record high SPDE of 38% for Ge-on-Si SPADs was measured for a device temperature of 125 K with an excess bias of 5.5 %, and a record low NEP of 2×1016WHz1/2 was demonstrated at 78 K.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationEuropean Quantum Electronics Conference 2019
PublisherOSA Publishing
ISBN (Electronic)9781728104690
Publication statusPublished - 2019
EventEuropean Quantum Electronics Conference 2019 - Munich, Germany
Duration: 23 Jun 201927 Jun 2019


ConferenceEuropean Quantum Electronics Conference 2019
Abbreviated titleEQEC 2019

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