Exploration of Nanosilver Calcium Alginate-Based Multifunctional Polymer Wafers for Wound Healing

Ernest Man, Claire Easdon, Iain McLellan, Humphrey H. P. Yiu, Clare Hoskins

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Wound care is an integral part of effective recovery. However, its associated financial burden on national health services globally is significant enough to warrant further research and development in this field. In this study, multifunctional polymer wafers were prepared, which provide antibacterial activity, high cell viability, high swelling capacity and a thermally stable medium which can be used to facilitate the delivery of therapeutic agents. The purpose of this polymer wafer is to facilitate wound healing, by creating nanosilver particles within the polymer matrix itself via a one-pot synthesis method. This study compares the use of two synthetic agents in tandem, detailing the effects on the morphology and size of nanosilver particles. Two synthetic methods with varying parameters were tested, with one method using silver nitrate, calcium chloride and sodium alginate, whilst the other included aloe vera gel as an extra component, which serves as another reductant for nanosilver synthesis. Both methods generated thermally stable alginate matrices with high degrees of swelling capacities (400–900%) coupled with interstitially formed nanosilver of varying shapes and sizes. These matrices exhibited controlled nanosilver release rates which were able to elicit antibacterial activity against MRSA, whilst maintaining an average cell viability value of above 90%. Based on the results of this study, the multifunctional polymer wafers that were created set the standard for future polymeric devices for wound healing. These polymer wafers can then be further modified to suit specific types of wounds, thereby allowing this multifunctional polymer wafer to be applied to different wounding scenarios.
Original languageEnglish
Article number483
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 1 Feb 2023


  • alginate
  • cross-linked
  • nanosilver
  • wound healing

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