Enhancement of Coir Fiber Fire Retardant Property

Mohammad Hosseini Fouladi, Satesh Narayana Namasivayam, Chien Hwa Chong, Pang Zong Xin, Sim Yeng Peng Xin, Masomeh Ghassem, Hamidreza Soheili Najafabadi

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Application of porous material in acoustic panel has shown its effectiveness to
control noise in term of sound absorption. Optimizing synthetic fiber as
resource in current market contributed several issues related to the depletion of
environment. Hence, engineer has turned to natural fiber from agriculture waste
as alternative strategic solution. Despite having certain beneficial properties in
acoustical field, to fulfill the building standard, property of fire retardant are yet
to be implemented. This study has focused on three potential fire-retarding
chemicals on coir fiber, namely, Di-Ammonium Phosphate (DAP), Borax and
urea. Vertical burning experiment was executed based on standard of ASTM
E69–02 (Standard Test Method for Combustible Properties of Treated Wood)
using Fire-tube Apparatus prior to chemical treatment. Based on experimental
results, DAP, Borax and urea-treated fiber shows mass loss of 6.67%, 7.60%
and 9.48% respectively. Compliance with NFPA 704, DAP was shown to
exhibit superior ability to retard fire in coir fiber over other additives based on
mass loss and low degree of hazards in terms of health, flammability and
reactivity. In conclusion, fire retardant chemical like DAP is an essential
component to be improved on to bring about the success commercialization of
the acoustic panel.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)61-72
Number of pages12
JournalJournal of Engineering Science and Technology
Issue numberSpecial Issue 5
Publication statusPublished - 2015


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