Eco-friendly coloration of linen to ameliorate its practical approach

Md. Nahid Pervez, Umarsharif Y. Inamdar, Md. Eman Talukder, Sakil Mahmud, Md. Ahsan Habib, Md. Kamruzzaman, Yingjie Cai

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Reactive dyes are the perfect choice for dyeing of cellulosic fibers due to produce a wide gamut of bright colors with excellent color fastness, however environmental pollution is increasing in recent days seeing that of making use of inorganic salt and alkali. This paper offers a new avenue for eco-friendly dyeing of linen fiber by incorporating biodegradable alkaline organic salts in presence of three commercial reactive dyes and amongst them organic salt i.e. disodium maleate showed superior result in terms of color strength (K/S), dye exhaustion (%), color fastness, tensile strength and crease recovery angle parameters that were evaluated by traditional technique.

Original languageEnglish
Article number03002
JournalMATEC Web of Conferences
Publication statusPublished - 31 May 2017

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