Direct decarboxylative Giese reactions

David M. Kitcatt, Simon Nicolle, Ai-Lan Lee

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The quest to find milder and more sustainable methods to generate highly reactive, carbon-centred intermediates has led to a resurgence of interest in radical chemistry. In particular, carboxylic acids are seen as attractive radical precursors due their availability, low cost, diversity, and sustainability. Moreover, the corresponding nucleophilic carbon-radical can be easily accessed through a favourable radical decarboxylation process, extruding CO2 as a traceless by-product. This review summarizes the recent progress on using carboxylic acids directly as convenient radical precursors for the formation of carbon-carbon bonds via the 1,4-radical conjugate addition (Giese) reaction.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1415-1453
Number of pages39
JournalChemical Society Reviews
Issue number4
Early online date31 Jan 2022
Publication statusPublished - 21 Feb 2022

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