Corporate social responsibility in sport

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In the last two decades or so, many sport teams, leagues, organizations and athletes have embraced the principles and practices of corporate social responsibility (CSR). There are numerous instances of diverse community and social initiatives, at local, national and global levels, associated with a range of different sports in different countries. The following examples illustrate that diversity:

In South Africa, FirstGolf is working with the Government of the Western Cape to create a multi-stakeholder corporate social initiative, providing facilities which will broaden the base of golf to include previously disadvantaged communities.

Football for Hope is a strategic alliance between world football governing body, FIFA, and streetfootballworld, which promotes sustainable social and human development programmes focused on football in areas like health promotion, peace building, children’s rights and education, anti-discrimination and social integration and the environment.

At English FA Premier League Club, Arsenal, the Arsenal Double Club is a programme run in school curriculum time through which ‘Arsenal teachers’ are employed in schools, working on literacy, numeracy, science and language programmes.

In the United States, the Golden State Warriors NBA team has promoted a number of diversity initiatives in its communities, including LGBT evenings.

In England, the Bright Sparks social inclusion programme run by Bristol Rugby Club combines rugby union skills, drills and games, with team building and leadership workshops, with the aim of re-engaging designated young people from schools in high-risk areas back into the educational process.

The purpose of this chapter is to provide an insight into CSR in sport. The chapter begins by considering the social responsibility of organizations in general, before going on to consider whether sport organizations have a particular social responsibility and/or particular opportunity to engage in socially responsible activities. This is followed by an overview of research that has focused on CSR in sport and in sport organizations, concluding with a more detailed description of a recently completed research project in the area.
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Title of host publicationRoutledge Handbook of Sport Management
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