Continuous-wave all-fiber MOPA with SBS phase conjugate mirror

V. I. Kovalev, R. G. Harrison, J. K. Sahu, J. Nilsson

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A CW Nd:YAG master oscillator - fibre power amplifier (MOPFA) with fiber based SBS phase conjugate mirror is reported. A two-pass amplifier configuration is employed to compensate beam distortions in the multi-mode diode pumped Yb-doped fiber amplifier in conjunction with a fibre phase conjugator. The compensation of distortions is observed with ~30% of the total reflected power being of diffraction limited quality. Possibilities for improving the beam quality and power scaling in this system is proposed.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)46-50
Number of pages5
JournalProceedings of SPIE - the International Society for Optical Engineering
Publication statusPublished - 2004
EventFiber Lasers: Technology, Systems, and Applications - San Jose, CA, United States
Duration: 26 Jan 200428 Jan 2004


  • Fibre amplifier
  • Phase conjugation
  • Stimulated Brillouin scattering


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