Coherent metamaterial absorption of two-photon states with 40% efficiency.

Ashley Lyons, Dikla Oren, Thomas Roger, Vassili Savinov, Joao Valente, Stefano Vezzoli, Nikolay I. Zheludev, Mordechai Segev, Daniele Franco Angelo Faccio

Research output: Working paper

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Multi-photon absorption processes have a nonlinear dependence on the amplitude of the incident optical field i.e. the number of photons. However, multi-photon absorption is generally weak and multi-photon events occur with extremely low probability. Consequently, it is extremely challenging to engineer quantum nonlinear devices that operate at the single photon level and the majority of quantum technologies have to rely on single photon interactions. Here, we demonstrate experimentally and theoretically that exploiting coherent absorption of N = 2 N00N states makes it possible to enhance the number of two-photon states that are absorbed. An absorbing metasurface placed inside a Sagnac-style interferometer into which we inject an N = 2 N00N state, exhibits two-photon absorption with 40.5% efficiency, close to the theoretical maximum. This high probability of simultaneous absorption of two photons holds the promise for applications in fields that require
multi-photon upconversion but are hindered by high peak intensities, for example spectroscopic measurements of delicate biological samples and quantum photolithography.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 11 Sept 2017


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