C-Band and X-Band Switchable Frequency-Selective Surface

Umer Farooq, Adnan Iftikhar, Muhammad Farhan Shafique, Muhammad Saeed Khan, Adnan Fida, Muhammad Juanid Mughal, Dimitris E. Anagnostou

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This paper presents a highly compact frequency-selective surface (FSS) that has the potential to switch between the X-band (8 GHz–12 GHz) and C-band (4 GHz–8 GHz) for RF shielding applications. The proposed FSS is composed of a square conducting loop with inward-extended arms loaded with curved extensions. The symmetric geometry allows the RF shield to perform equally for transverse electric (TE), transverse magnetic (TM), and 45∘ polarizations. The unit cell has a dimension of 0.176 λ0 and has excellent angular stability up to 60∘. The resonance mechanism was investigated using equivalent circuit models of the shield. The design of the unit element allowed incorporation of PIN diodes between adjacent elements for switching to a lower C-band spectrum at 6.6 GHz. The biasing network is on the bottom layer of the substrate to avoid effects on the shielding performance. A PIN diode configuration for the switching operation was also proposed. In simulations, the PIN diode model was incorporated to observe the switchable operation. Two prototypes were fabricated, and the switchable operation was demonstrated by etching copper strips on one fabricated prototype between adjacent unit cells (in lieu of PIN diodes) as a proof of the design prototypes. Comparisons among the results confirmed that the design offers high angular stability and excellent performance in both bands.
Original languageEnglish
Article number476
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 17 Feb 2021


  • Active FSS
  • C-band
  • Frequency-selective surface (FSS)
  • Spatial filters
  • Switchable
  • X-band

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