BRST symmetry of doubled membrane sigma-models

Athanasios Chatzistavrakidis, Clay J. Grewcoe, Larisa Jonke, Fech Scen Khoo, Richard J. Szabo

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Courant sigma-models encode the geometric and non-geometric fluxes of compactified closed string theory as generalized Wess-Zumino terms and exhibit their relation to Courant algebroids. In recent work, we proposed a doubled membrane sigma-model that establishes the corresponding connection to double field theory and its algebroid structure. The strategy is to consider a “large” Courant sigma-model over a doubled target spacetime and identify a suitable projection that leads to a sigma-model for doubled fields. In this note, we provide further details for this construction. Starting from the BRST symmetry of the BV action that satisfies the classical master equation, we consistently project the BRST transformations of the superfields of the “large” Courant sigma-model to obtain the gauge transformations of the doubled membrane sigma-model. We show that demanding gauge invariance and the closure of gauge transformations of the worldvolume theory, leads to a condition that is in direct correspondence to the strong constraint of the target space double field theory.
Original languageEnglish
Article number147
JournalProceedings of Science
Publication statusPublished - 19 Sept 2019
EventCorfu Summer Institute 2018 "School and Workshops on Elementary Particle Physics and Gravity" - Corfu, Greece
Duration: 31 Aug 201828 Sept 2018


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