Angular Two-Photon Interference and Angular Two-Qubit States

Anand Kumar Jha, Jonathan Leach, Barry Jack, Sonja Franke-Arnold, Stephen M. Barnett, Robert W. Boyd, Miles J. Padgett

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Using angular-position-orbital-angular-momentum entangled photons, we study angular two-photon interference in a scheme in which entangled photons are made to pass through apertures in the form of double angular slits, and using this scheme, we demonstrate an entangled two-qubit state that is based on the angular-position correlations of entangled photons. The entanglement of the two-qubit state is quantified in terms of concurrence. These results provide an additional means for preparing entangled quantum states for use in quantum information protocols.

Original languageEnglish
Article number010501
Pages (from-to)-
Number of pages4
JournalPhysical Review Letters
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 8 Jan 2010


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