An Exploration of Stakeholders’ Perceptions of Sustainable Construction

Cheng Siew Goh, Steve Rowlinson, Brenda Yip

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Recognising the significant footprints of social and environmental development, the construction industry has been viewed as a major contributor to the promotion of sustainable development. However, the extent of implementation of sustainable construction varies greatly from one practice to another, particularly as definitions and principles of sustainable construction are not yet universally agreed and have been widely debated amongst stakeholders. Different stakeholders and professions adopt different definitions and the principles of sustainable development that address their own specific concerns and needs. Since the construction industry integrates people and works across different sectors, it is necessary to define sustainable construction comprehensively in order to avoid overlooking any unique needs of the stakeholders. Hence this paper will explore and discuss the viewpoints of different stakeholders on sustainable construction. Interview is used as a means to collect the opinions on sustainable construction from various stakeholders’ standpoints. This paper offers a snapshot on the understanding and the expectations of individual stakeholders in respect of sustainable construction. By grasping a better understanding of the overall development of the concepts of sustainable construction, practitioners can shape their future directions and strategies better and hence push sustainability performance in construction to a higher level of maturity.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 25 Oct 2013
EventInternational Conference in Sustainable Development in Building and Environment 2023 - Chongqing, China
Duration: 25 Oct 201328 Oct 2013


ConferenceInternational Conference in Sustainable Development in Building and Environment 2023
Abbreviated titleSuDBE2013


  • Sustainable construction
  • stakeholders
  • Stakeholder perception
  • Understanding

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