A robust multi-criterion optimization of CO2 sequestration under model uncertainty

Kurt R. Petvipusit, A. H. Elsheikh, T. Laforce, Peter R. King, Martin J. Blunt

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Successful CO2 storage in deep saline aquifers relies on economic efficiency, sufficient capacity and longterm security of the storage formation. Unfortunately, these three criteria of CO2 storage are generally in conflict, and often difficult to guarantee when there is a lack of geological characteristics of the storage site. We overcome these challenges by developing: 1) multiwell CO2 injection strategies using a multi-criterion optimization to handle conflicting objectives; 2) CO2 injection management that is robust against model uncertainty. PUNQ-S3 model was modified as a leaky storage to study injection strategies associated with the risks of CO2 leakage under geological uncertainty. Based on our numerical results, the NSGA-II with the ASGI technique can effectively obtain a set of efficient-frontier injection strategies. For the uncertainty assessment, the impact of the model uncertainty to the outcomes is significant. Therefore, our findings suggest using the mixture distribution of the objective-function values, as opposed to the traditional Gaussian distribution to cover model uncertainty.

Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Sept 2013
Event2nd Sustainable Earth Sciences Conference and Exhibition 2013 - Pau, France
Duration: 30 Sept 20134 Oct 2013


Conference2nd Sustainable Earth Sciences Conference and Exhibition 2013
Abbreviated titleSES 2013
OtherTechnologies for Sustainable Use of the Deep Sub-Surface

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