A Robotic Experimental Setup with a Stewart Platform to Emulate Underwater Vehicle-Manipulator Systems

Kamil Cetin, Harun Tugal, Yvan Petillot, Matthew Dunnigan, Leonard Newbrook, Mustafa Suphi Erden

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This study presents an experimental robotic setup with a Stewart platform and a robot manipulator to emulate an underwater vehicle–manipulator system (UVMS). This hardware-based emulator setup consists of a KUKA IIWA14 robotic manipulator mounted on a parallel manipulator, known as Stewart Platform, and a force/torque sensor attached to the end-effector of the robotic arm interacting with a pipe. In this setup, we use realistic underwater vehicle movements either communicated to a system in real-time through 4G routers or recorded in advance in a water tank environment. In addition, we simulate both the water current impact on vehicle movement and dynamic coupling effects between the vehicle and manipulator in a Gazebo-based software simulator and transfer these to the physical robotic experimental setup. Such a complete setup is useful to study the control techniques to be applied on the underwater robotic systems in a dry lab environment and allows us to carry out fast and numerous experiments, circumventing the difficulties with performing similar experiments and data collection with actual underwater vehicles in water tanks. Exemplary controller development studies are carried out for contact management of the UVMS using the experimental setup.
Original languageEnglish
Article number5827
Issue number15
Publication statusPublished - 4 Aug 2022


  • contact management
  • force control
  • remote inspection
  • robotics emulator
  • underwater vehicle–manipulator system

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