A Rigorous Method for Special Core Analysis SCAL Data Correction in the Presence of Capillary End Effects

Saleh Goodarzian, Kenneth S. Sorbie

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One way of obtaining water-oil relative permeability curves is from co-injection (of water and oil)experiments at steady-state (SS) condition. The two-phase Darcy Law can be used to calculate the relativepermeability directly only when water saturation is constant along the core. However, the capillary endeffect (CEE) causes water accumulation or depletion at the end of the core depending upon the wettability.This work describes an improved method for correcting for this effect by modifying the "intercept method"initially proposed by Gupta and Maloney (2014). Similar to their work, we again envisage carrying out a steady-state co-injection experiment. For eachratio of water to oil flowrate (), we require experiments at several different total flowrates to becarried out. From each run, we obtain pressure drop across the core and average water saturation insidethe core. We demonstrate mathematically that a plot of pressure difference vs. oil flowrate yields a straight linewhose slope gives the oil relative permeability which can be used to calculate water relative permeability.A plot of average water saturation vs. reciprocal of oil flowrate gives a straight line whose intercept is thewater saturation associated with the oil/water relative permeability values just obtained. It is necessary toperform the same experiment for at least two values of water and oil flowrates while the ratio is constantsince we require at least two points to construct a straight line. The same procedure is used for other valuesof F to obtain more data points to construct the relative permeability curves. We have also mathematicallycorrected Gupta and Maloney-s work and other works after them and arrived at a simpler and more rigorousmethod. The details of how our method builds upon and improves their work will be published in due course(Goodarzian and Sorbie, 2020).

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationSPE Europec Featured at 82nd EAGE Conference and Exhibition
PublisherSociety of Petroleum Engineers
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Publication statusPublished - 2020
EventSPE Europec featured at 82nd EAGE Conference and Exhibition 2020 - RAI Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Duration: 8 Dec 202011 Dec 2020


ConferenceSPE Europec featured at 82nd EAGE Conference and Exhibition 2020
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