Global Values Champion - Collaborate

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Champions who have been recognised by their line manager or colleague, locally and globally, for living the Heriot-Watt values. These examples demonstrate a breadth of collaboration happening across Heriot-Watt University. The team's effort has been recognised by the Executive Dean, Prof. Heather McGregor, for living the Heriot-Watt values. Below is what Prof. McGregor had to say:

“Under Lina's leadership this team have developed an excellent course in postgraduate research methods which is a genuine collaboration between the three of them and demonstrates how much we benefit from having a globally interconnected university. The course has brought consistent and high quality research methods teaching to the whole postgraduate population in the school of social sciences and breaks new ground in collaboration between colleagues and sharing best practice across virtual learning environments (the course was built straight into Canvas). I wish to record their achievement and our pride in it.”
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  • Value Champion
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