EPSRC Quantum Technology Fellowship - Next Generation Imaging using Sparse Single-Photon Data

Prize: Fellowship awarded competitively


Over the last three decades, our lives have been revolutionized by the availability of inexpensive CMOS-based CCD cameras whose ubiquitous nature has changed key aspects of security, communications, data handling, healthcare, commerce and leisure for almost all sections of society, regardless of wealth or geographical location. For example, it is estimated that over one half of all adults in the UK own a smartphone with imaging/video capability - a statistic considered unthinkable less than 10 years ago. The next revolution in imaging will almost certainly be spearheaded by sparse photon and three dimensional imaging, ultimately using the effects of quantum entanglement. Such a revolution will necessarily require fast timing of the single-photon detection, in the form of arrayed detectors or single-pixel cameras. The use of fast timing will permit effective time-of-flight based depth profiling at remote distances, and the effects of quantum entanglement could be utilised effectively in critical niche examples, such as imaging below the diffraction limit, wavelength transmutation or quantum secure imaging. These revolutionary changes represent a paradigm shift in terms of functionality, but present significant challenges in algorithm development and data processing, as well as data fusion with other imaging platforms, for example multispectral and regular video. This Fellowship will allow me to bridge the gap between the enabling quantum technology and the image processing community in order to improve the scope and overall performance of next generation imaging systems based on quantum technology.
Granting OrganisationsEngineering and Physical Sciences Research Council