EPSRC Quantum Technology Fellow

Prize: Fellowship awarded competitively


Quantum technology enables tasks that aren't possible with classical methods, promising advances in a variety of scientific fields impacting our everyday lives: biology, medicine, material, and physical sciences. Photons are a particularly suitable carrier for quantum information because they can be used for virtually all quantum information tasks, and they are comparatively simple to create, manipulate and detect. In this fellowship I will speed up current state-of-the art quantum photonics by 4 orders of magnitude, to deliver gigahertz clocked photonic "quantum bytes"-8-photon cluster states in the telecommunications regime. This improvement will be achieved by combining recent advances in quantum photon source engineering with cutting edge ultra-fast laser technology and superconducting photon detectors. In collaboration with the two recently funded EPSRC Quantum Technology hubs in Quantum Communication and Quantum Enhanced Imaging, I will apply these photonic qubytes to a range of quantum tasks: secure quantum encryption with trusted devices, quantum-enhanced imaging, and all-optical quantum networking protocols.
Granting OrganisationsEngineering and Physical Sciences Research Council