Coordinating natural capital planning at a regional level: how can existing and emerging tools help?

Prize: Fellowship awarded competitively


A wide range of tools are being developed and used to integrate ‘natural capital’ into public and private sector decision making. Their aim is to include measures of the value of the natural environment to society within mainstream decision making, so that the natural world is better taken into account. It’s a relatively new approach and many tools are being implemented in parallel, with different objectives, and uncertainties among policy makers about which are most useful and how they should be used. This Fellowship seeks to assess how natural capital can be integrated into decision making at different scales, the coordination challenges and the implications for regional level policy processes. The focus is on the South of Scotland, which is pioneering large-scale land use planning approaches that incorporate natural capital, being implemented within a complex landscape of local level and national scale initiatives. It will help to support the Regional Enterprise Agency (SOSE) and the Local Authorities as they develop these structures, as well as provide transferrable lessons for other regions and national level policy development. Ultimately the activities will help to ensure that the value of nature is better accounted for in large-scale decisions about our future landscapes.
Degree of recognitionNational
Granting OrganisationsNatural Environment Research Council