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Resonance fluorescence from waveguide-coupled strain-localized two-dimensional quantum emitters

Errando-Herranz, C., Schöll, E., Picard, R., Laini, M., Gyger, S., Elshaari, A. W., Branny, A., Wennberg, U., Barbat, S., Renaud, T., Brotons-Gisbert, M., Bonato, C., Gerardot, B. D., Zwiller, V. & Jöns, K. D., 18 Feb 2020, arXiv.

Research output: Working paper

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Coherent metamaterial absorption of two-photon states with 40% efficiency.

Lyons, A., Oren, D., Roger, T., Savinov, V., Valente, J., Vezzoli, S., Zheludev, N. I., Segev, M. & Faccio, D. F. A., 11 Sep 2017.

Research output: Working paper

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