Research Output


Apparatus and method for reducing transmission bandwidth and storage requirements in a cryptographic security system

Just, M. & Van Oorschot, P., 20 May 2003, IPC No. H04L 9/ 00 A I, Patent No. US6567914, Priority date 27 Apr 2000, Priority No. US20000561249

Research output: Patent

Device to Determine Visuo-Spatial Ability

Smith, S. & Lones, M. A., 18 Jun 2015, IPC No. G09B 19/00, Patent No. US2015164402 A1, Priority date 13 Jul 2013, Priority No. WO2013GB51889

Research output: Patent

Method and apparatus for providing information security to prevent digital signature forgery

Just, M., 13 May 2008, IPC No. H04L 9/ 00 A I, Patent No. US7373512, Priority date 27 Mar 2000, Priority No. US20000536053

Research output: Patent

System and method of handling problematic input during context-sensitive help for multi-modal dialog systems

Ehlen, P., Hastie, H. & Johnston, M., 11 Nov 2008, Patent No. US Patent 7,177,816

Research output: Patent