Description of impact

The design, fabrication and construction of a mass-timber solar-powered house. The house was groundbreaking in multiple aspects, showcasing engineering ingenuity to meet the Climate Emergency. This was fabricated from homegrown timber in scotland by students, using innovative, world-first techniques and partnering with sustainable startups, and then packed into shipping containers and rebuilt and displayed at World EXPO 2021 in Dubai, UAE. The project showcased this innovation on a global stage.

Who is affected

A global Audience, via World EXPO Dubai. Thousands of directly- engaged primary-school-aged children, via collaborations with Class of Your Own. 49 commercial partners across construction, built environment, landscape, tech, robotics and lifestyle. Achieved by the engagement of over 500 students, and a core student team of 150.


More information contained in the links. The Heriot-Watt 'Team ESTEEM' placed 8th overall, and came 3rd in the 'Communications' challenge, winning a trophy.
Impact statusAchieved
Impact date1 May 201912 Dec 2021
Category of impactCultural, Environmental, Academic, Societal, Technological
Impact levelInternational