Centre for Enhanced Oil Recovery and CO2 Solutions Laboratories

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    Institute of Petroleum Engineering EGIS Jim Brown Building Heriot-Watt University Riccarton, Edinburgh EH14 4AS

    United Kingdom


The Centre for Enhanced Oil Recovery and CO2 Solutions (formerly the Hydrocarbon Recovery Mechanisms project) investigates various hydrocarbon recovery mechanisms to improve the current understanding of the pertinent reservoir processes and to produce information required for efficient planning and management of field production.

The Centre uses unique laboratory techniques to investigate, experimentally, reservoir fluid flow at various scales. High pressure flow visualisation at the pore level is performed in three high pressure micromodel rigs, resulting in more understanding of the reservoir processes as well as quantitative information. Four core test facilities operating at simulated reservoir conditions, including X-ray local saturation measurement capabilities, are used to produce field specific and generic data. Mechanistic and numerical modelling of flow through porous media, based on in-house experimental observation and measurements, are conducted to generalise research results.


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